What is Pre-Trial Release?
Pre-Trial Release is a way for qualified prisoners to be released by paying a lower bond amount pre-determined by the Pre-Trial Release desk. They will be given documentation stating such and the amount and location that this is to take place. Pre-trial release is a personal bond, or promise, to appear. Tarrant County Pre-Trial Release is responsible for gathering and reviewing information about a prisoner to determine whether to release the prisoner from custody. The following minimum qualifications must be met before Pre-Trial Release may be considered: •Must be Tarrant County resident •Must be in a Holding Facility on a Tarrant County offense (first-degree felony charges are excluded) •Must not be on parole or have any felony convictions •Must be willing to appear in court until the case is completely out of litigation •Must provide positive identification •Must NOT have history of bond forfeitures Pre-Trial Release is committed to making a cost efficient mechanism available for the release of qualifying defendants from jail, to assist in alleviating an overcrowded jail, and to provide a fair and unbiased method of release. Screening methods however, are not simple. Contact Tarrant County Pre-Trial Release at (817) 884-1465 to determine if a defendant is eligible. Hurst Holding Facility employees cannot determine if a prisoner is eligible for this program.

How can I find out if someone is in the Hurst Holding Facility?
In person: Contact Holding Facility staff in the Holding Facility lobby at 825 Thousand Oaks Dr., Hurst, TX 76054. By telephone: (817) 788-7135. Online: Through the Inmate Inquiry tab on the Hurst P2C website

What occurs during an arraignment?
An arraignment is a formal meeting between a judge and a prisoner. The judge informs the prisoner of his or her charge(s), reads the prisoner his or her rights, and advises the prisoner of the bond amount. If the prisoner qualifies, an attorney is also appointed during arraignment. No outside visitors are allowed during arraignments.

Where is the Hurst Holding Facility and when is it open?
The Holding Facility is located at 825 Thousand Oaks Dr., Hurst, TX 76054. The Holding Facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the Hurst Holding Facility?
The Holding Facility holds prisoners that are generally confined for less than 72 hours before being released or transferred to another facility.

What does it mean when a person is "booked" into the Holding Facility?
This is an administrative process documenting a prisoner`s entrance into the Holding Facility. The process includes collecting information such as the person`s name, address, reason for the arrest (criminal charge(s)), and inventorying personal property. A photograph and fingerprints are taken as well.

When are prisoners arraigned?
Arraignments are generally held daily between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., but can occur at alternate times to accommodate magistrate schedules.

What is "Holding Facility credit"?
The City of Hurst assigns a monetary value for time spent in Holding Facility for a City of Hurst Class C misdemeanor ticket or warrant. A municipal judge determines Holding Facility credit as regulated by state law.

Is Holding Facility credit applied to all arrests?
No, Holding Facility credit only applies to City of Hurst Class C misdemeanors.

When may I visit a prisoner?
Visitation generally occurs daily, Monday through Friday, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. but is subject to cancellation, without notice, by the Holding Facility Supervisor. Visitation requirements are: •Visitation is limited to 10 minutes with a maximum of 2 people allowed per visit •Visitors must be appropriately dressed, be at least 17 years of age, present a driver`s license or state issued identification card and have no outstanding arrest warrants

What items may I bring a prisoner?
Personal items of convenience and money may not be contributed to the prisoner`s property. Prisoner prescription medication will be accepted and dispensed in the prescribed manner.

How may I get a prisoner`s property?
Prisoner property can only be released after the prisoner grants written permission authorizing the release. To claim prisoner property it is necessary to: • Complete a property release form •Present a driver`s license or a state issued identification card

May a prisoner make free phone calls?
Prisoners are allowed to place limited free telephone calls once the booking process has been completed. A prisoner also has the opportunity to make collect phone calls from inside a cellblock.

What is an Alias warrant?
This is a warrant where no plea has been entered. A prisoner, bail bond company, or an attorney can post a bond for this type of warrant. The bond assures that the prisoner will appear in court.

What is a Capias warrant?
This is a warrant where a plea has been entered and the prisoner did not follow through with the court agreement. The only way to resolve a Capias warrant is to pay the fine in full or be released "time served" by remaining in the Holding Facility until enough Holding Facility credit has been earned.

How long will a prisoner remain in the Hurst City Holding Facility for Class C misdemeanor warrants issued out of a different city?
The city that issued the warrant has 24 hours to pick up a prisoner. If the issuing city fails to meet this deadline, the prisoner will be released and the warrants will be reinstated.

How can a prisoner resolve a City of Hurst Class C misdemeanor warrant?
•Cash •Credit Card •Released "Time served" after acquiring enough Holding Facility credit •A combination of Holding Facility credit and cash or credit card payment

How can a prisoner resolve a Class C misdemeanor warrant issued from another city?
Payment can be accepted by either the issuing agency or the City of Hurst. If payment is made at the Hurst City Holding Facility, cash must be used. Only cash in the exact amount can be accepted.

How can a prisoner get out of Holding Facility when arrested for a felony or misdemeanor (other than a Class C misdemeanor)?
•Pay the bond at the Tarrant County Sheriff`s Department Bond Desk located at 100 N. Lamar Street in Fort Worth •Contact an attorney •Contact a bail bond company

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