What is Pre-Trial Release?
Pre-Trial Release is a way for qualified prisoners to be released by paying a lower bond amount pre-determined by the Pre-Trial Release desk. They will be given documentation stating such and the amount and location that this is to take place. Pre-trial release is a personal bond, or promise, to appear. Tarrant County Pre-Trial Release is responsible for gathering and reviewing information about a prisoner to determine whether to release the prisoner from custody. The following minimum qualifications must be met before Pre-Trial Release may be considered: •Must be Tarrant County resident •Must be in a Holding Facility on a Tarrant County offense (first-degree felony charges are excluded) •Must not be on parole or have any felony convictions •Must be willing to appear in court until the case is completely out of litigation •Must provide positive identification •Must NOT have history of bond forfeitures Pre-Trial Release is committed to making a cost efficient mechanism available for the release of qualifying defendants from jail, to assist in alleviating an overcrowded jail, and to provide a fair and unbiased method of release. Screening methods however, are not simple. Contact Tarrant County Pre-Trial Release at (817) 884-1465 to determine if a defendant is eligible. Hurst Holding Facility employees cannot determine if a prisoner is eligible for this program.
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